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Build with XMTP

Deliver apps and tools that enable messaging between blockchain accounts. Want to talk about a use case?

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Enable apps to keep users informed with timely event-based notifications
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Enable apps to engage users with meaningful one-to-many messaging
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Direct messaging

Enable users to connect and build community with one-to-one messaging

SDKs and tools

Build with XMTP using the SDK and dev tools
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Messages meet users where they are

Building with XMTP gives users an interoperable inbox that follows them across web3, providing access to their messages using any app built with XMTP.

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Latest from XMTP

New Inbox Protection on XMTP

XMTP is getting an essential protocol update that brings users’ allow/block preferences to the network-level

Rochelle Guillou

Rochelle Guillou

Navigating speed and privacy with XMTP

When building apps using XMTP, a common question is how to fetch conversations by the most recent message.



From Gaming to Education at ETHOnline 2023

Explore how the winning projects at ETHOnline 2023 leveraged XMTP in unique ways

Rochelle Guillou

Rochelle Guillou

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From startups to Fortune 500 companies, developers trust and build with XMTP to deliver innovative messaging experiences