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Built with XMTP

Hundreds of awesome projects, people, and partners rely on XMTP. Come build with us!

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    XMTP Inbox

    XMTP Inbox chat app demonstrates core and advanced capabilities of the XMTP client SDK.

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    Lenster is a composable, decentralized, and permissionless social media webapp built with Lens Protocol.

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    Bringing back the joy of owning a 90s pager device and the original vision of twttr - text networks.

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    meTokens is a protocol built on Ethereum that allows creators and builders to issue their own personal token.

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    Relay Receiver

    Relay’s goal is to provide open-source tools and products on top of XMTP, and create the best place for web3 identities.

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    Discover, collect, and sell Lens Posts to invest in creators you support. Built on Lens Protocol.

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    A gaming app that uses end-to-end encrypted messages as signed game moves between players.

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    Decentralized social media app built for a mobile first experience on iOS. Built on Lens Protocol.

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    Boson App

    Tokenize, transfer, and trade any physical asset as an NFT.

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    Wallet Roullete

    Get matched with random web3 users and chat.

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    Plex allows brands to query relevant audiences and understand who they are based on on- and off-chain attributes.

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    Web3 social app helping communities to launch and grow by leveraging the power of NFTs.

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    Mintify is a multi-chain aggregator, analytics platform and terminal for trading NFT based economies.

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