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Introduction to the XMTP JavaScript SDK

The XMTP JavaScript SDK is a TypeScript implementation of an XMTP client for use with JavaScript and React apps.

When you build an app with XMTP, you can use the following functions provided by the SDK:

Key pair generationCreate XMTP keys used for message signing and encryption and advertising public keys to the network.
Key storageStore XMTP keys securely.
Key signingSign XMTP keys using a connected wallet app.
Relationship initiationCreate a secure messaging relationship between two accounts.
Conversation initiationCreate a container of messages between two accounts.
Message sendingCapture plaintext and submit it to the network.
Message history retrievalRetrieve the history of messages between two accounts, filterable by date range.
Message streamingReceive new messages in real-time.
Message authenticationValidate messages are from their purported sender.
Message format validationEnsure messages are properly formatted for the XMTP network.

To learn how to build an app with the XMTP SDK, see Quickstart for the XMTP JavaScript SDK.

To learn about XMTP SDK classes and interfaces, see XMTP JavaScript SDK Reference.

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