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Contribute to the XMTP community

There are many ways to participate in the XMTP community, whether you are building with XMTP, working on improving the protocol, or simply interested in learning more about XMTP.

XMTP grants


XMTP is not accepting applications for grants at this time. Make sure to follow XMTP on Twitter for updates on when grants will reopen.

Partnerships with XMTP Labs

Maximize your app's reach with guidance and assistance from the Partnerships team at XMTP Labs. XMTP Labs’ mission is to promote and support the development and global adoption of XMTP. Get in touch


Have a question? Want to discuss an idea or protocol improvement? Start or join a discussion in the XMTP Community Forums.

Join the discussion


Chat with the XMTP community. Say 👋, join a dev hangout, or get support.

Chat with other builders


Keep up with the latest news and insights from XMTP.

Follow @XMTP_

Open source projects

XMTP welcomes contributions to any of the public repos in the XMTP and XMTP Labs GitHub orgs.

🐞 Bugs

Report a bug by creating an issue in the related XMTP GitHub repo. Please confirm that there isn't an existing open issue about the bug and include detailed steps to reproduce the bug.

✨ Feature requests

Request features by creating an issue in the related XMTP GitHub repo. Please confirm there isn't an existing open issue requesting the feature. Let us know which use cases the feature can unlock so that we can investigate and prioritize.

🔀 Pull requests

We encourage pull requests (PRs) from the community, but we suggest that you start with a feature request or a post to the XMTP Community Forums just to do a temperature check. For example, if the PR involves a major change to the XMTP protocol, it must be fleshed out as an XMTP Improvement Proposal before work begins.

If your PR to a repo in the XMTP or XMTP Labs GitHub org is meerged you're eligible to claim this XMTP contributor POAP.

XMTP Improvement Proposals

XMTP Improvement Proposals (XIPs) propose and document updates to XMTP, which may become standards for XMTP clients and applications to adopt.

Is there something your app needs that the protocol doesn’t currently support? Consider creating an XMTP Improvement Proposal (XIP).

Here’s a template you can use to create one.

Take a look at existing XIPs. XIPs are meant to reflect the needs of the XMTP developer community and benefit from your input and expertise.

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