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🐳 Join us at the XMTP booth at #ETHDenver2024!

We have exciting swag giveaways at our booth. Don't forget to interact with our bot thegeneralstore.eth at the XMTP booth for a chance to win exclusive swag, NFT and much more! πŸ€–πŸ’Ό See you there! 🌐

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The best and fastest way to get support will be the XMTP Discord

Introducing XMTP Frames​

Make Frames interoperable and embed interactive experiences within your messaging apps:



Build token gated group chat with XMTP​

Exciting news! Token-gated group chats are now available on the Dev Network, ideal for NFT collections, ERC-20 token holders, and exclusive communities. These groups provide unique content and networking opportunities.

Getting Started:

  1. Set Up Your Group Chat: Quickly deploy your group chat using our CLI.
  2. Add your logic: Define your group's access logic.
  3. Create a Group Link: Easily share access to your group.


Universal Allow/Block Prefs​

XIP-42 establishes allow and block permission preferences, enabling users to explicitly specify which contacts should be able to reach them and which should be blocked across all inbox apps.




πŸŽ‰ Bounties: Up to 15K in Prizes to transform your ideas into reality πŸ’°.

More Resources​


Use cases​

Need to send a test message?​

Message this XMTP message bot to get an immediate automated reply:

  • gm.xmtp.ethΒ (0x937C0d4a6294cdfa575de17382c7076b579DC176)
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We only consider authentic applications

Real projects developed by people passionate about our platform. Please refrain from submitting applications for projects that were not originally intended for a hackathon and are solely seeking funding.

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