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XMTP Grants: Inspiring public goods

XMTP Grants

XMTP is not accepting applications for grants at this time. Make sure to follow XMTP on 𝕏 for updates on when grants will reopen.

✨ Mission​

Support projects, ideas, and people building on XMTP to foster ecosystem growth through public good creation.

πŸ“œ Request for proposals​

We are open to any and all ideas! Below are just a few categories of projects we are particularly excited about.

🎨 Custom content types​

  • Media: Attachments, Voicenotes, Images
  • Threading: Emoji reactions, Reply threads
  • Transactions and payments

πŸ’Ύ Novel applications​

  • Rabbithole Quest
  • Gitcoin messaging
  • Pay to message

πŸŽ’ Allow/block backpack​

  • Follow
  • Block/spam

🧠 Protocol development​

  • Multi-chain support (e.g. Solana, Bitcoin, Tezos, etc)
  • Account abstraction

πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ’» Developer tools​

  • Plug and play notification server
  • Web3 resolver library

πŸ‘€ Unique features​

  • Read receipts - opt-in, performant, interoperable
  • Personalizable conversation sorting and filtering

All projects must propose a standard, tool, or concept that’s adopted by the ecosystem. This involves collaborating with the community to create a public good. You can leverage XIPs to discuss proposals.

πŸ” Grant types​

We offer two types of grants: Micro grants and Kickstarter grants.

Micro grants (<$5k):

  • Smaller project scope, faster review process
  • Examples:
    • Opt-in, interoperable, performant read receipts
    • Rabbithole quest

Kickstarter grants (<$10K):

  • Bigger project scope, fast review process
  • Examples:
    • Cross-chain support or account abstraction
    • Universal allow/block backpack

πŸ“£ If you are unsure, message us via XMTP at grants.xmtp.eth and we'll be happy to help you figure out the grant type that's right for you.

🎯 Evaluation criteria​

We love and encourage diversity of ideas in grant applications. This section lists the baseline expectations we have for all applications.

Example applications:

  • Qualifies: a project that will introduce a novel feature (e.g. emoji reactions, read receipts, account abstraction, etc) and propose an XIP for a standard way to do it across different applications.
  • Does not qualify: a project to integrate with XMTP to create a cool messaging app that doesn't create community resources (e.g. XIPs, dev tools, etc).

Building with XMTP is permissionless and grants are not a pre-requisite to integrate with XMTP. While we love and encourage a variety of integrations, grants are reserved for integrations that create public goods.

XMTP Grants are not for:

  • Integrating with XMTP: Merely integrating with XMTP does not qualify for a grant. Grant projects must create public goods for the ecosystem. Check out the Request for Proposal section for ideas.
  • Marketing budgets: Grant money should not be used towards promoting or advertising projects.
  • Travel budgets: Grants are not meant to fund plane tickets, accommodation costs, and other travel expenses.
  • Replacements for venture funding: Grants are not substitutions for a round of funding. They are aimed at enabling discrete projects that create a public good for the ecosystem.
  • Free money: Please don’t abuse this system. Our program’s mission is to support people who believe in the potential of web3 messaging and want to contribute to building in the space.
  • Stress relief: Our grants are not intended to extend your runway or alleviate financial stress. You should aim to build long-term in our ecosystem.

Consider the following criteria if you’re uncertain whether your project qualifies for an XMTP grant:

  • Building in public: Not all projects require code, but they should be built in the spirit of open-sourcing your learnings (and code if appropriate) for everyone to learn from.
  • Action > Perfection: Show us how you or your team have the skills and potential to bring the proposal to life.
  • Definitive use case: Articulate your idea clearly on how your project uses XMTP and adds value to the ecosystem. Please do not try to overthink or overcomplicate it.
  • Public Good creation: Show clear connection between your proposal and the value it generates for the broader ecosystem.
  • Collaborate: Be collaborative and open to offering support to other members of our community. Let’s grow together!

❓ FAQ​

Q: Any deadlines to keep in mind?

Nope! We’re always on the lookout for cool ideas - so applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Q: Will I hear back if my application is rejected?

Yes, you will hear back either from us irrespective or whether your application is successful or not.

Q: I have not heard back on my application yet, can I get an update?

Please check your XMTP inbox for the ENS (or EVM address) you shared with us in your application.

Q: When will I receive a decision for my application?

We will get back to you within 3-4 weeks of your submission.

Q: How much money is the grant?

Grants are up to $10K.

Q: What is the deadline to deliver?

Milestone dates are agreed upon by the project team and XMTP. They can be amended within reason.

Q: How do I follow up once a milestone has been reached?

You can fill in the form available at Claim Payments to notify us of your progress and unlock the next portion of your grant!

✨ Resources and inspiration​



Project showcase​

πŸ’¬ Contact us​

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Ask questions and file bugs on GitHub

πŸ•ŠοΈ Holler at us on 𝕏

πŸ‘Ύ Join the community at Discord

πŸ“¬Β DM us via XMTP at grants.xmtp.eth for anything else