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How to demo

When it comes to demos and pitch decks, many builders have confidence in their creations, but struggle with presenting them effectively. The key to a successful demo is simply being yourself, without relying on external resources. Here are some tips to help you present your project, idea, or milestone in a clear and engaging way:

Be yourself. The best person to talk about your project is the person who built it. Don’t outsource the narration or presentation, and avoid using fancy graphics or text. Just speak from the heart about your project.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a demo. A demo can be crucial in achieving your goals, and if you can’t engage your audience from start to finish, you may be overlooked.

Explain what you’re doing. Start by discussing the problem you’re trying to solve, and why it’s important. Get to the demo as quickly as possible, and focus on showing how your product solves the problem.

Don’t talk about the future. Your primary goal is to convince reviewers that you’re worth supporting, not to describe everything your application might one day become.

Don’t get too deeply into business models. It’s good to mention how you plan to make money, but don’t go into detail. This is not the main focus of a milestone demo.

Be confident. If you truly believe in your project, it will show. Don’t try to seem more than you are, and don’t be afraid to admit if you’re uncertain about something.

Keep it short. Your demo should be no longer than 5 minutes. Focus on sending the most significant message and engage your audience.

Don’t get too technical. Milestone demos should focus on meaningful and impactful features and flows, not on complex technical details. Explain things in simpler terms and demonstrate how the technology can be useful for the ecosystem.

Sharing an idea is as important as the idea itself. Attention is scarce. You want to get as much as you can in the short amount of time possible. I hope this insights help you achieve your goals. Keep building.