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Roadmap for XMTP

Timelines are estimates and subject to change. For information about delivered features and fixes, see the Changelog.

Features roadmap


  • Group chat - experimental/Pre-Preview
  • Media attachments, reactions, and replies
  • React Native SDK - Developer Preview


  • Android SDK - GA
  • React SDK - GA
  • Secret conversations: A new conversation type with additional Signal-level security properties such as forward secrecy and expiring message history


  • Read receipts
  • Portable preferences, such as blocklists, allowlists, etc.

Decentralization roadmap

🎉 Anyone can now try running the experimental xmtpd node software and be a part of the journey to decentralizing XMTP! In the future, xmtpd might replace the node software currently running the XMTP network.

Near term (~3 months)

  • Open source nodes
  • Third-party nodes in testnet
  • Smart contract inbox

Long term (~6 months)

  • Third-party operators can run xmtpd nodes that participate in the XMTP network
  • Incentivization in limited testnet: node rewards and economic spam control

To learn more, see XMTP: The journey to decentralization.