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XMTP SDK and developer tools

XMTP client SDK for Javascript

A TypeScript implementation of an XMTP client for use with JavaScript and React apps.

GitHub repo | Docs

XMTP Quickstart Chat app repo

An example React chat app you can use as a developer tool to learn how to build a basic messaging app using the XMTP client SDK. The app is intentionally streamlined and unopinionated, making it a good quickstart launching point for building with XMTP.

GitHub repo

XMTP Chat app repo

An example React chat app that demonstrates both basic and advanced features of the XMTP client SDK.

GitHub repo

Hosted XMTP Chat app

XMTP Labs hosts a deployment of XMTP Chat connected to the XMTP production network.

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XMTP status

View the real-time status of the XMTP production network, XMTP dev network, and XMTP Chat app.

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