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From Gaming to Education: How ETHOnline Winners used XMTP

· 3 min read
Rochelle Guillou

Explore how the winning projects at ETHOnline 2023 leveraged XMTP in unique ways, from engaging AI-powered NPCs to connecting with pro traders and receiving lessons from tutors who tokenize their time.

ETHOnline 2023, the flagship online event from ETHGlobal recently came to an end! It’s an async hackathon that took place across three weeks, from October 6th through the 27th, with over $200,000 in prizes. XMTP participated as a prize contributor, and we have three outstanding winners recognized for their implementations of our web3 messaging protocol.

The categories we chose to honor for our participants were:

  • Best Onboarding
  • Best Encrypted Message
  • Best Use

From chats with AI powered game characters using token bound accounts, to reputable discussions with pro traders and even direct lessons from tutors with valuable time, these winning project demonstrate the flexibility of XMTP integrations. We hope these will inspire and plant the seed for what’s possible!

Cosmic Cowboys: Chat with AI NPCs with Token Bound Accounts

Winner of Best Onboarding

Team Piñata's "Cosmic Cowboys" is a web3 game that uses tokenized game mechanics and interactive NPCs. The NPCs, established as ERC-721 tokens with unique metadata on-chain, each have their own wallets thanks to the ERC-6551 standard for Token Bound Accounts.

The project won Best Onboarding by creatively enabling on-chain engagement with NPCs and dynamic AI-driven conversations through OpenAI's chat API.

The project uses XMTP to power messaging between wallets, including those owned by NFTs, as well as in-game system notifications.

You can view the Cosmic Cowboys’ ETHGlobal entry here.

Dex Tech: Trusted Chats with Social Finance

Winner of Best Encrypted Message

Dex Tech, the "first gamified social DEX," is a decentralized exchange designed for traders to communicate with, and learn from, pros.

Professional traders are often hard to reach, and verifying their reputations can be challenging. Dex Tech addresses this by blending the social with the DEX experience.

Users can create their own tokens, representing their value on the platform. Pro traders can point to their on-chain activity to build trust.

Dex Tech then token-gates conversations, allowing users to discover and reach respected traders, thereby creating an engaging environment for blockchain-based trading.

Check out Dex Tech’s entry to ETHGlobal here.

Token Tutor: Censorship-Resistant Lessons with Tutors

Winner of Best Use

Token Tutor is a web3 mentoring platform with the motto "Tokenize Time, Maximize Learning, Build the Future." Recognizing challenges in the current tokenization landscape for community leaders, Token Tutor aims to bring real value by tokenizing time for mentors, educators, and leaders.

Mentors can distribute NFTs representing their time, allowing learners to mint these tokens to connect. This provides a cost-effective and trust-less way for learners to connect with experts.

The XMTP integration powers encrypted messaging between learners and tutors, as well as the transfer of USDC to pay for the time within the chat, using .

As more people engage with on-chain activities, tokenizing real-world assets and unique assets like time, there's an increased opportunity for discovery and engagement.

See Token Tutor’s showcase entry for ETHGlobal.

Thank you!

Thank you for creating these awesome use cases and for showcasing new ways in which XMTP can be integrated... we hope these inspire others to continue to innovate!