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Unstoppable Domains unlocks secure customer support with new XMTP powered messaging

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Rochelle Guillou

Dapps and creators can now reach their audience inside of the Unstoppable Domains apps.


Unstoppable Domains integrated XMTP to enable domains to message each other, right from Unstoppable’s web platform or mobile app. The new inbox allows users to connect easily and securely via end-to-end encrypted wallet messaging. Conversations are also not confined to one website — the inbox is interoperable across all apps built with XMTP, which means you can stay in touch on other apps like Lenster, Coinbase Wallet, or Converse Messenger.

Inside the same inbox is also the option to chat with customer support — which unlocks an important use case for businesses and brands. Customer service scams are everywhere, because verifying a brand or an individual’s identity through messaging is especially hard, if not impossible, in web2.

With blockchain technology however, there is full transparency as to what a wallet address has done in the past, and the assets they now own which proves identity. Connect these wallet addresses with secure end-to-end encrypted messaging and you get the confidence you need to trust that you are reaching the right person, and that your information and conversation are safe and private.

By integrating XMTP, Unstoppable Domains is connecting web3 identities with messaging, and enabling brands and businesses to connect with their communities more directly. With web3 domain messaging, customer service can easily verify who a person says they are by seeing which NFTs they own and activities on-chain, and without having to collect personal information.

What’s more, the connection between brands and users isn’t lost the second the chatbot is closed. The fact that Unstoppable Domains’ customer support chatbot is powered by XMTP means that the conversation can be continued on any other app within the XMTP network, such as Coinbase Wallet or Lens.

If you are a partner, and interested in exploring the Unstoppable Customer Support Application, please reach out to [email protected].

For NFT marketplaces specifically, this also opens the door for a much more secure interaction between buyers and sellers. On, if you see a domain you want to buy, you can now message the domain name directly on the platform, knowing that you are interacting with its real owner. Or if you head to, which is the Unstoppable Profile, messaging can be done while you are joining communities and subcommunities.

On the receiving end, if you are open to selling your domain you will receive inbound offers on any app that’s built with XMTP — you won’t need to check the website or download a new app to stay notified.

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