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How insights from Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda helped inspire the creation of XMTP

· One min read
Peter Denton

Inspiration comes from everywhere in web3. Check out XMTP co-founder Shane Mac as he shares how Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda was a key inspiration for XMTP’s approach to web3 messaging.

In this clip from an XMTP Labs all-hands meeting, Shane takes us back to mid-2020 when we were gathering on Clubhouse as you could have the WILDEST conversations. Shinoda joined a room and talked about Facebook cutting him off from his audience, and how web3 could solve this for all artists in the future.

2.5 years later, XMTP + Lens is helping to usher in a new era for social and a new way to think about communication and web3.

Check out how XMTP is delivering secure direct messages with the Lens API.

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