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ETHSanFrancisco wrap-up

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Peter Denton

"Wow" is just about the best way we could sum up @ETHGlobal's #ETHSanFrancisco.

ETHSF Wrapup card

30 teams built with XMTP, exhibiting a level of quality and novelty that blew us away. And top it off, two of them were event finalists.

Here were our top picks for our prizes:

BB3 - BEEP3R for Best Use πŸ₯‡β€‹

Also an event finalist! NFT beeper with XMTP as the message relay to broadcast messages to owners. They also swapped their infra in favor of going all in on XMTP.

Meet the team:​

@bennygiang @DruzyDowns @jayden_windle @rayzhuynh @Alanahlam

Check out the repo:​

beep3r repo card

beep3r team on stage

Torpedo for Best Use πŸ₯‡β€‹

A crypto marketplace for trading cloud compute. The team used XMTP as an E2EE transport layer to securely transfer session keys peer-to-peer between a provider and buyer. Also won a @MidpointLabs prize!

Meet the team:​

@ketan_jog @jayendra_ram @AnthonyZhou101

Torpedo team

Relay for Runner Up πŸ₯ˆβ€‹

A web3 Zapier which can automate notifications on EVM chains. With Relay, users can configure triggers to generate messages from on-chain activity, delivered with XMTP.

Meet the team:​

@zeebradoom @lakejava1022 @grindsets @NotXenodrome

Check out the repo:​

relay repo card

PreshMail for Runner Up πŸ₯ˆβ€‹

PreshMail allows users to be paid to receive messages through XMTP. It has a dynamic pricing model for attention, (based on on-chain behavior), and is a great example of how web3 will change the attention economy.

Meet the team:​

@zK_enk @chadxeth @lowenhere

Check out the repo:​

preshmail repo card

Decentral Couch with an Honorable Mention πŸ₯‰β€‹

Also an event finalist and @0xPolygon winner. A decentralized @airbnb that used XMTP to secure comms between hosts & guests. Built actions into message payloads w/ a custom ContentType.

Meet the team:​

@Alexishaebinkim @Big_BernZ

Check out the repo:​

decentralcouch repo card

Decentral Couch team on stage

GameChat got an Honorable Mention πŸ₯‰β€‹

A web3-native gaming chat client which used zero-knowledge proofs to allow players to gain additional privileges within chats through identity verification, without revealing details or self-doxxing.

Meet the team:​

@saharsh_wal @muchsahil

Check out the repo:​

gamechat repo card

Confi with an Honorable Mention πŸ₯‰β€‹

A platform that helps sexual assault victims remain anonymous, aided by end-to-end encrypted messaging with assigned social workers, which validate cases.

Meet the team:​

@theemadmagz @mirnaampuero__ @steflikecurry @whatwedocolin @sara_diazoporto

Check out the repo:​

confi repo card

Altogether it was an incredible event. With 1,700 devs across 34 countries, #ETHSanFrancisco was the largest IRL @ETHGlobal event yet!

Developers continued to amaze us, building apps on XMTP that went far beyond DMs, chat, and obvious messaging use cases.

Awesome work everyone!

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