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Breaking the web2 barrier: How XMTP and Notifi are bridging the gap for web3 apps with web2 notifications

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Rochelle Guillou

With Notifi, XMTP in-app messages can now trigger notifications to any web2 app, so devs can reliably reach their end-users without compromising on security.

Let's be honest. Security and privacy have made growing apps harder.

Here’s the dilemma. With web3 we’re creating a world where users no longer have to share their metadata to get access to apps. Instead, authentication can be done with just a wallet address, and users can keep their personal information private. But this comes at a cost. With the absence of email as a ubiquitous form of communication, web3 developers now rely on web2 apps like Twitter and Discord to communicate, preventing web3 devs from reliably reaching and re-engaging their end-users.

Web3 devs need new tools to reach their users, wherever they are. Developers cannot simply expect users to “show up”, they need mature tools to reach users and drive engagement to help grow their app, without compromising on privacy.

This is where XMTP + Notifi come in.

XMTP provides the infrastructure web3 apps need to securely reach wallet addresses. Apps built with XMTP offer end-to-end encryption for users' inboxes, allowing them to send and receive secure messages across web3 through the XMTP network. This is a game-changer for developers looking to build privacy-centric and communication tools for their users.

To help drive growth and retention, developers can layer on Notifi, which allows users to receive notifications via email, Telegram, Discord DMs, or SMS whenever they receive a secure message via XMTP. This ensures that users can stay up to date even if they're not actively using the app.

It means web3 apps can tap the ubiquitous network email enabled, without compromising on security or user privacy – a need that has become primordial in a world in which users transact digital assets.

Watch the demo:

Want to test out this experience for your own app?

You can fork the XMTP example app and Notifi experience repo shown in the example above. Both are available as open-source examples on GitHub here.

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Learn more about Notifi:

Notifi simplifies and prioritizes communication across messaging channels within the web3 ecosystem. Notifi is re-imaging how to eliminate distractions in the real world and help boost engagements between projects and users with support for multichannel communications. The Notifi platform enables teams to access the most relevant and highest-priority communications for increased focus, a productive workforce, and happier customers. The platform is being designed with simple APIs for easy integration, customizable experiences, and advanced features for dApps and Web3 applications.

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