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XMTP Grants: Every big idea starts small

· 2 min read
Yash Lunagaria

Announcing XMTP Grants! A program to nurture web3 messaging projects, support public good creation, and foster ecosystem growth.

XMTP Grants post card

With XMTP, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with web3 messaging technology. We believe that innovation and ecosystem growth go hand in hand, and that is why we are excited to announce the launch of XMTP Grants.

The XMTP Grants program is designed to foster ecosystem growth by supporting developers who share our vision of bringing secure and interoperable messaging to web3. Every big idea starts small, and that’s why we’re encouraging developers to dream big and be ambitious with their projects, to unlock unique messaging experiences.

While we’re open to any and all proposals, some ideas we’re especially excited about are new content types, multi-chain support, developer tools, and other unique integrations. Building something great takes more than just an idea, that's why we are offering financial support, mentorship, and resources to help bring your ideas to life.

The future of web3 messaging is in the hands of developers like you, and we want to do our part in supporting you in your efforts to build something great. Apply for the XMTP Grants program today and join the community of developers building on XMTP.

Apply today at! Let’s build the future of messaging together 🤝

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