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Say hello to a seamless journey for building chat apps

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the completely revamped XMTP developer documentation!

The mission was clear — to create a seamless and inspiring developer experience by eliminating unnecessary friction and telling a captivating story.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new on this update of the documentation of XMTP and how it will revolutionize your journey in building chat apps.

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Last Saturday, we had the incredible opportunity to attend ETH Waterloo. For those who may not know, Vitalik went to college in Waterloo, and the first ETH Global event was also held there. We couldn't help but feel the infectious energy and excitement for the future of blockchain technology.

XMTP Labs team at ETH Waterloo

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When you build with XMTP, there’s no cold start for your app or your users. As soon as your app plugs into the XMTP network, it's able to reach today’s most popular and meaningful identities.

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The first 100 people who message 'xmtp-discount.x' on @converseapp will get 20% off their Unstoppable Domain 😎 We'll also give one lucky winner a $500 USDC prize on Friday! Stay tuned on Converse for updates.

Download Converse Here

Our goal at XMTP is to enable apps to message any identity. Support already exists for ENS and Lens: just by inputting someone’s web3 username, the inbox will find the wallet address it’s connected to and connect you to that person.

Today we’re excited to be adding support for Unstoppable Domains as well, thereby growing the XMTP network by more than two million new IDs. Owning our conversations is directly tied to owning our digital identities, and our partnership with Unstoppable Domains enables just that.

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XMTP Labs is taking a phased approach toward architectural and logical decentralization of the network. The mission is to make sure the network is permissionless: owned by infrastructure providers and users that choose to participate, which can be anyone. Taking it further, these permissionless infrastructure providers and users will become symbiotic, since one can’t exist without the other.

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This post may be out of date. See the Attachments tutorial for the latest guidance on how to build attachments.

Follow these steps to start sending image attachments to wallets within your chat app. Our sample app includes everything you need to connect to wallets with Thirdweb's WalletSDK, use XMTP's remote attachments, and upload larger files to Thirdweb's storage.

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