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· 7 min read

Let's talk about some new content types for XMTP.

What's a content type? A content type is a way to describe the type of content a message contains on XMTP. Out of the box, XMTP's SDKs support one content type: text.

Here's the thing though: messaging has been more than just text since way back in 2002, when your LG VX8100 was blowing up from MMS.

So we decided to propose some new content types: Attachment and RemoteAttachment. These new content types support rich media (images, videos, gifs, etc.) and will let you bring your messaging experience to the cutting edges of the early aughts.

XMTP content types. Illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone with a chat app open with a soccer video and a photo of a mountain connected to and hovering above chat bubbles.