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The advent of Web3 brings forward a new paradigm of decentralized and autonomous interactions. In this environment, automation plays a vital role in streamlining processes, responding to triggers, and communicating efficiently. XMTP, a secure messaging protocol, introduces an exciting dimension to Web3 automation, offering secure, private, and interoperable solutions for messaging between wallets and systems.


  • Customer service bots
    Utilizing XMTP for secure communication between automated customer service bots and users. These bots can provide instant responses to queries, process transactions, or even assist in complex tasks.

  • AI and ChatGPT integration
    Leverage the capabilities of AI and models like ChatGPT in conjunction with XMTP for enhanced natural language processing. This can create more human-like interactions in automated chats, enhancing user experience.

  • Triggers and notifications
    Implementing XMTP for real-time triggers and notifications, allowing systems to react to specific events or conditions. For instance, notifying users when a certain price level is reached or triggering actions based on smart contract execution.

  • Broadcasts
    Using XMTP for broadcasting messages to multiple recipients securely. This can be particularly useful for announcements, updates, or even coordinating between various automated systems.

  • The Bodega
    Our hackathon Bodega concept has come a long way since its inception in Waterloo. Now, with a fully automated solution, your orders are one DM away.


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