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E-commerce platforms are constantly seeking ways to improve user experience, trust, and security. XMTP offers a unique solution by enabling encrypted communication channels between buyers and sellers. This not only adds an additional layer of privacy but also creates an environment where detailed and sensitive information can be exchanged securely.


  • Creator Support and Tipping: XMTP facilitates secure transactions, allowing fans to support their favorite creators through tips or payments directly within the chat. This opens up new monetization avenues for creators.

  • Order confirmations: XMTP can be used to securely confirm orders, ensuring that both buyers and sellers have verifiable proof of purchase and sale without exposing sensitive information.

  • Detailed product inquiries: Buyers can inquire about product details through encrypted channels, allowing for more personalized and secure communication with sellers.

  • OTC (Over-the-Counter) offers: For special deals or bulk purchases, XMTP can enable private negotiations and agreements between parties.

  • Negotiations: Whether for price, delivery terms, or custom orders, encrypted channels enable private and secure negotiations.

  • Subscribe to offers: Customers can subscribe to offers from specific sellers or categories, receiving personalized notifications without compromising privacy.

  • Finance transactions: For more complex financial dealings within e-commerce, such as layaway plans or financing offers, XMTP provides a secure channel for handling these transactions.

  • Escrows: Escrow services can be handled securely through XMTP, assuring both parties of the integrity of the transaction.

  • Approval requests: Whether it's for returns, custom orders, or any situation requiring explicit approval, XMTP facilitates these requests securely.

  • In-chat commerce with instant checkout: Display a menu for product selection and instant purchase within chat, token gated rewards for loyal members, and follow up with targeted promotions and exclusive deals.


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