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Web3 social

Lens Protocol 🌿 and CyberConnect apps use XMTP to provide secure, private messaging to their users. Using web3 social media apps, also known as decentralized social, users are able to discover new friends and communicate with them.


  • Discovering new friends: XMTP empowers Web3 social platforms to facilitate secure connections between users. Discovering new friends and building a network is made safer with encrypted communication.

  • Enhanced media communication: Memes, attachments, and other media can be exchanged securely between users, fostering a rich and engaging social experience without compromising privacy.

  • Group chat between friends: XMTP enables encrypted group chats, allowing friends to communicate securely, making group interactions more private and enjoyable.

  • Direct Engagement: NFT creators can directly engage with their community members through group chats. This direct line of communication helps in building a stronger community bond and provides a platform for receiving feedback.

  • Token-Gated Access: Communities can leverage XMTP to create token-gated chat groups, where access is granted only to token or NFT holders. This creates an exclusive space for discussions, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and community events.


Use cases

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