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Communication is a vital bridge in any community, but it presents unique challenges for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Today, DAOs often organize themselves using channels that lack trust, where no verifiable proof exists for interactions between stakeholders. This absence of accountability is particularly troubling for DAOs, which thrive on transparency and being answerable to their members.


  • Vote notifications: Implementing a system for sending secure and verifiable notifications related to voting within the DAO. This can ensure that all members are informed of critical decisions and that their participation is accurately recorded.

  • Subscription to a user: Enabling users to subscribe to specific members or activities within the DAO. This feature allows for targeted communication and keeps members engaged and informed about relevant updates.

  • Group chat between members: Creating a secure and transparent platform for members to communicate with each other. Such a platform could be built with features to authenticate messages and participants, thus creating a more trustworthy environment.

  • Enable governance and decision-making within chats: Direct voting on DAO proposals in chat and token-gated polls for community decisions.

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