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Chat apps

In an age where communication is vital, both in personal and professional realms, privacy and security are paramount. XMTP provides a robust solution that can be integrated into chat apps, whether they are peer-to-peer messaging apps or team communication platforms, offering users secure channels for exchanging information without compromising privacy.


  • Communication between wallets: XMTP enables encrypted communication between digital wallets, allowing secure transactions and information exchange between parties.

  • Secure notifications: XMTP can provide secure notifications within chat apps, ensuring that alerts and updates are received privately and securely.

  • User-to-user connections: The ability for users to reach other users directly through secure channels can be facilitated by XMTP, enhancing privacy within chat apps.

  • Advanced messaging features: Attachments, reactions, read receipts, and replies can all be handled securely through XMTP. These enhance the user experience without compromising privacy.


Use cases

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