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Group chats in XMTP can enhance the interactive experience in the web3 space. Here are some potential use cases:

Purchases 🛍ī¸â€‹

Facilitate group purchases and commerce directly within the chat.

  • One-click purchases for all group members.
  • Shared payment options for group purchases.
  • Shared visibility of product selection and purchase options.
  • Group-wide participation in loyalty programs and promotions.

Investing 💰​

Enable collective investment decisions and actions.

  • Group voting on investment decisions.
  • Collective execution of investment actions.

Events đŸŽĢ​

Improve event management with group chats.

  • Group-wide visibility of event signups and notifications.
  • Collective decision-making for event planning.

DAOs đŸ—ŗī¸â€‹

Facilitate DAO operations within group chats.

  • Group-wide visibility of DAO proposals and voting results.
  • Collective participation in DAO decisions.

Gaming 🕹ī¸â€‹

Elevate group engagement with gaming experiences shared through group chats.

  • Shared access to interactive games within the chat.
  • Group-wide participation in gaming experiences.

NFTs 🎨​

Enable NFT creators and their communities to interact and engage.

  • Exclusive NFT drops and previews in group chats.
  • Direct minting of NFTs within the chat.
  • Platform for creators to share updates and engage with their community.

DeFi 🌐​

Facilitate DeFi operations within group chats.

  • Group-wide participation in liquidity pools.
  • Collective decision-making for DeFi strategies.

These use cases demonstrate how group chats can enhance the web3 experience, making it more interactive and engaging for all members.


Use cases​

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