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A Frame lets you turn any website into an interactive Frame that other apps or websites can show to their users. It’s a standard for creating interactive and authenticated experiences - Create polls, live feeds, interactive galleries or anything else you can imagine. Here are some potential use cases:

Integrations 🤝

Connect chat apps with external apps.

  • Share dApp content or updates.
  • Connect to web2 API’s.
  • Subscribe for updates and notifications.

Analytics 📊

Offer real-time web3 insights directly through messaging.

  • Customized analytics dashboards via chat commands.
  • Display wallet transaction histories or token balances.

Curation 🧹

Enable easy discovery and discussion of web3 content within chat apps.

  • Share and discuss NFTs or dApps.
  • Voting systems for content recommendations.

Education 🛠

Reduce entry barriers to the decentralized web with chat-based learning tools.

  • Onboarding tools for web3 from the chat.
  • Tutorials and learning threads in chat.

Monetization 💰

Facilitate monetization of content and interactions within chat apps.

  • Direct tipping or payments for creators.
  • Initiate and manage blockchain transactions.

Music 🎶

Share and discover music in a decentralized environment via chat.

  • Music NFTs or exclusive previews.
  • Fan experiences.

Events 🎫

Improve the event experience with chat-based functionalities.

  • NFT tickets distribution and trading.
  • Event signup and follow up notifications.
  • Token gated secret events.
  • Mint VIP passes.

DAOs 🗳

Enable governance and decision-making within chats.

  • Direct voting on DAO proposals in chat.
  • Token-gated polls for community decisions.

Games 🕹️

Elevate user engagement with gaming and media experiences.

  • Interactive games and experiences shared within chat.
  • Media-rich content sharing for immersive engagement.

Commerce 🛒

Revolutionize in-chat commerce with instant checkout capabilities

  • Display a menu for product selection and instant purchase within chat.
  • Token gated rewards for loyal members.
  • Follow up with targeted promotions and exclusive deals.

Use cases

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