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The open protocol for web3 messaging

1,991,140+web3 identities rely on apps built with XMTP for secure, private, and portable messaging

Pick any app. Message any identity.
Own your communications.

this is an image of theCoinbase Wallet icon
Coinbase Wallet

Your key to the world of crypto. Manage all of your crypto, NFTs, multiple wallets, and messages in one place.

this is an image of theConverse icon

We're reinventing messaging, starting with web3

this is an image of theFamily icon

Interacting with crypto has never been so simple

this is an image of theHey icon

Decentralized and permissionless social media app built with Lens Protocol

this is an image of theInterface icon

Mobile app that helps you explore everything that happens onchain on your Ethereum journey

this is an image of theYup icon

Decentralized social all-in-one. Twitter, Farcaster, Threads, Lens, Bluesky, and more in one app.

this is an image of theButtrfly icon

Decentralized social media app built for a mobile first experience on iOS. Built on Lens Protocol.

this is an image of thePhaver icon

Building a future where your online social graph is owned and built by you, not companies

this is an image of theParagraph icon

Building tools that enable publishers, DAOs, writers, and creators to build communities and monetize their content

this is an image of theSnapshot icon

Voting platform that allows DAOs, protocols, and NFT communities to participate in decentralized governance

this is an image of theBase Name Service icon
Base Name Service

Web3 naming (.base) for the next billion+ users on Base

this is an image of theUnstoppable Domains icon
Unstoppable Domains

Own your identity in the digital world. Get started with a Web3 domain.

this is an image of theBello icon

Instantly analyze your web3 community and its competitors without writing a single line of code

this is an image of theBlaze icon

Brings together social and onchain data to help companies run marketing campaigns and deliver product experiences

this is an image of theAbsoluteLabs icon

Web3 social app helping communities launch and grow by leveraging the power of NFTs

this is an image of theMetaCRM icon

On-chain marketing attribution, personalized customer engagement, and AI-automated customer service

this is an image of theBoson App icon
Boson App

Tokenize, transfer, and trade any physical asset as an NFT

this is an image of thePERCS icon

Web3 marketing automation for serious brands

this is an image of theChainjet icon

Empowers entrepreneurs and communities to build web3 automation without coding

this is an image of theOperator icon

Decentralized AI agent infrastructure

this is an image of theethOS icon

World's first Ethereum mobile operating system. A mobile OS built to be crypto native.

this is an image of theXMTP Inbox icon
XMTP Inbox

Web app that demonstrates core and advanced capabilities of the XMTP client SDK

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