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Here are a few details about what we've shipped recently, what we're working on, and what's in store for XMTP in the months ahead.

Researching 🔬

Scoping goals, requirements, and effort via research & proofs of concepts.

Group chat

Users will be able to send messages to group chats with 2+ participants.

Team inboxes

Teams will be able to read and send encrypted DMs and announcements using a shared team identity. The account admin will be able to delegate access to and revoke access from individual team user accounts.

Post delivery storage

Users will be able to store their messaging data off-network.

Implement Signal protocol

xmtp-js SDK will achieve parity with the Signal protocol for security features like forward secrecy, post-compromise secrecy, and more.

Account abstraction

Support account abstraction, enabling smart contract wallets and non-EVM addresses to be compatible with XMTP.

In progress 🏗️

Projects in flight.

Network decentralization milestones

XMTP Labs will specify a phased approach towards architectural and logical decentralization of the network.

Private testnet - Phase 1

Implement control plane sharding and topic replication in a private test environment.

Compromise recovery

Users will be able to recover their compromised XMTP identity by creating new private keys.

App permissions

Users will be able to grant explicit permission for an app to use their account across sessions and will be able to revoke this permission at any time.

Secure key storage alternatives

Users will be able to store XMTP private keys in secure contexts such as wallet apps.

UI Kit & React Hooks SDK

Enable developers to focus on differentiating features by providing reusable messaging components via a UI kit & React Hooks SDK.

Pre-Preview 👀

A super early peek into what we're building. Ready for exploration, not adoption.

Mobile support for React Native

Developers will be able to build mobile client apps in React Native.

Developer Preview 🧑‍💻

Opportunity to test, validate, and provide feedback. We do not recommend usage in production apps just yet.

Mobile support for Kotlin, Swift, and Dart

Developers will be able to build mobile client apps in Kotlin, Swift, and Dart.

Push notifications - example server

Apps will be able to leverage an example server to subscribe users for push notifications to their devices upon receiving new messages.

General Availability ✅

Ready for production use. Check out docs, tutorials, and the quickstart example.

XMTP v2 (December 2022)

Conversation filtering

Developers can now group and filter conversations in a particular context using conversationId.

Participant privacy

Network clients responsible for relaying and storing messages can no longer observe the addresses of participants in ongoing conversations.

For more information about delivered features and fixes, see XMTP releases and updates.