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Use local-first architecture

If you're building a production-grade app, be sure to use a local-first architecture to help you build a performant app. Using this local-first architecture, the client prioritizes using the local cache on the device where it’s running.

For example, use the XMTP SDK to initially retrieve existing message data from the XMTP network and place it in the local cache. Asynchronously load new and updated message data as needed. Build your app to get message data from the local cache.

When building a web app with the React SDK, the local-first architecture is automatically provided by the SDK.

Here’s an overview of how your app frontend, local cache, client SDK, and the XMTP network work together in this local-first approach:

  • When building a web app with the xmtp-js SDK, you can use the browser localStorage as the local cache to store encrypted data, decrypting data each time before display. You might also consider using Dexie to manage your web app's local data.

  • When building native iOS and Android mobile apps, you can use the device's encrypted container as the local cache to store decrypted data.

For more performance best practices, see Optimize performance of your app

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