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Debug and test your app

To ensure your app provides a seamless and performant user experience, be sure to debug and test.

Debug your app

It's important to debug your app's performance when handling a wallet address with more than just a few conversations and messages. To do this, you can use the xmtp-debug repo to easily populate a test wallet with X number of conversations, each with Y number of messages, on the XMTP network of your choice.

Test your app's performance against these performance benchmarks. To understand what you are inspecting, see Architectural overview of XMTP.

  1. Clone the xmtp-debug repo
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run npm start init


Run npm start to see help, e.g.

npm start <command>

npm start init initialize wallet
npm start intros [cmd] [address] list/check introduction messages for the
npm start invites [cmd] [address] list/check introductions for the address
npm start contacts [cmd] [address] list/check published contacts for the
npm start private [address] list published private key bundles for the

--help Show help [boolean]
--version Show version number [boolean]
-e, --env The XMTP environment to use
[string] [choices: "dev", "production"] [default: "dev"]
-a, --address wallet address to inspect [string]
-f, --full do not shorten long output items [boolean] [default: false]
-s, --start restrict output to dates on or after this date [string]
-n, --end restrict output to dates before this date [string]
-l, --limit restrict output to first <limit> entries [number]
-d, --desc sort output in descending order [boolean]

npm start intros list xmtp.eth list all introduction messages for
npm start -- -d -l10 intros list list last 10 introduction messages
xmtp.eth for xmtp.eth in descending order
npm start -- --full invites list list all invitations for xmtp.eth,
xmtp.eth do not shorten addresses
npm start -- -e=production contacts check all contacts of xmtp.eth for
check xmtp.eth anomalies on the production network

Example output

xmtp-debug % npm start --silent -- --env=production --end='3 weeks ago' --desc --limit=3 contacts list hi.xmtp.eth
XMTP environment: production
Resolved address: 0x194c31cAe1418D5256E8c58e0d08Aee1046C6Ed0
Ending on 2022-11-02T20:12:16.010Z
Limited to 3
│ (index) │ date │ type │ identityKey │ preKey │
│ 0 │ 2022-11-01T21:38:14.409Z │ 'V1' │ '044f…7b1a' │ '04d2…4f8c' │
│ 1 │ 2022-10-28T18:24:13.305Z │ 'V1' │ '044f…7b1a' │ '04d2…4f8c' │
│ 2 │ 2022-10-28T18:14:20.502Z │ 'V1' │ '044f…7b1a' │ '04d2…4f8c' │

You can also set the options using environment variables prefixed with XMTP_. For example:

$ export XMTP_ADDRESS=xmtp.eth
$ export XMPT_ENV=production
$ npm start contacts list
$ npm start intros list
$ ...

Populating test wallets might cause you to exceed the XMTP network rate limit. If this happens, wait 5 minutes and try again. To learn more, see Rate limiting.

Test your app

Start by creating a test wallet with ~2,000 conversations and 1,000 messages per conversation. Run the following performance tests:

  • For a cold start (first load):
    • Test that the app is interactive in <15 sec
  • For a warm cache (subsequent loads and refreshes):
    • Test that the app is interactive in <1 sec
  • Sender UX:
    • Test that the time between sending a message and displaying the message in the conversation thread is ≤1 second
  • Recipient UX:
    • Test that the time between sending a message and displaying the message in the conversation thread is ≤1 second

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