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Get featured

To be featured on the Built with XMTP page and receive amplification from XMTP's social channels, follow the checklist to provide a best-in-class messaging experience with your client.

A. Quality checklist

Before launching, ensure your app meets the following criteria:


Bugs and reliability

  • No duplicate conversations should be created or displayed. If duplicates exist, only the latest conversation should be visible.
  • The app should be stable and not crash frequently.
  • No visible critical bugs.

SDK and app versions

Content types


  • Offer forward and reverse identity resolution support for ENS.
  • (Bonus) Support for UNS,, .lens, Cyberconnect.


Enable your app to keep track of:

  • Number of active wallets: At least one message sent.
  • Number of active conversations: At least one message.
  • Number of returning conversations: A minimum of one message from each participant.

B. Launch your app

Way to go! 🎉 Here are some resources and ideas for promoting your app launch:

C. Post-launch engagement

  • Keep in touch using the XMTP community platform that works best for you. This helps ensure that you hear about the latest SDK and content type releases, as well as upgrade and deprecation notices.
  • Contribute to XMTP's GitHub Repos: If you have code improvements, bug fixes, or features that could benefit the XMTP ecosystem, consider contributing to XMTP's GitHub repositories. By doing this, you not only improve the protocol but also gain valuable experience and recognition within the community. Make sure to follow the guidelines laid out for pull requests and XMTP Improvement Proposals.

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